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Through our work together it is my hope that we can continuously work to dismantle the harmful systemic structures that can create false ideas and beliefs, allowing more space for you to simply be your expansive self.   


I am passionate about embracing, celebrating, unpacking and understanding all of the ways our body, mind, nervous system and whole being can show up and experience the world.  We can work together to create new systems to support and understand ourselves better.


When Queer and Trans people come together magic can happen, we can explore all of things that make us most curious, excited, unsure, and reclaim parts of ourselves that might have been made to feel not enough, let's get curious.  


I see you, resisting cis heteronormatve white supremacy, find your way, making change just by being you.  Even the most fierce folks can at times need someone to hold space, to be with what is, and to remind us of all the ways we are showing up.  


Through my past experience working as a kinesiologist I have specialized training in working with people who have persistent pain, pain disorders, traumatic brain injuries and post concussion symptoms.  I can offer strategies to support recovery, explore ways to resist abelism and reframe our understanding of the nervous system.  


I have a love of movement and finding ways to move that are not harmful but rather honour all of the ways we can move, honour our needs and energy, and explore new ways of connecting with our bodies.  


One of the hardest parts of going through traumatic experiences, whether they be in our past or present, is how isolating it can feel.  Coming together can help us integrate new ways of support, learn how to attune to our needs in a new way, and integrate our experiences in a way that can help us make sense of this world.  


To have lived and loved is to grieve, let's support your brave heart if you are facing a loss, a change, or just in tune to all that is in the world.  Let's find a space where we can honour the depth of your love, the complexity of pain, and all that is.  


Counselling sessions are $126 for one hour and can be done in person or online. 


It is important to me that finances are not a barrier to support and therefore I do hold space for sliding scale options.  If this feels necessary for you please do not hesitate to ask for more information. 

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