Lone Walk

Counselling (One on One)

Counselling can take many different forms and you and your counsellor will decide together what will work best for you.  You  may want to book an in-person session at the Collective office space or you may want to have an online session. 

To set up your initial consultation first choose the counsellor that feels right for you and connect with them directly.  Sessions usually last one hour (unless specified otherwise by your counsellor) and the price is $126.  

Relationship Counselling 

If you and your partner(s) feel you need some extra support working through a current situation, grief, communication challenges, or support with intimacy or connection, relationship counselling may feel right for you.  Each counsellor will set up counselling for a partnership in a way that feels best for you. The Collective counsellors have experience working with people with diverse relationships.  These sessions usually last about one and a half hours and the cost will be determined with you and your counsellor ($160-$196).   

Holding Hands
Support Group

Group Counselling/Workshops

Sometimes it is extremely comforting to know that you are not alone, that there are others who are going through similar things, and sometimes it is just nice to have space to connect and talk or even learn and share new skills. 


Please keep an eye on our website to see the latest upcoming workshops and therapeutic groups that will be running when possible.  Cost is determined based on each workshop or group.  

Professional Development

The counsellors at the Collective have a wealth of experience delivering workshops for professional growth, team building, education and enhancing a cohesive and positive work environment.  If your workplace has a need for a workshop or perhaps a space to debrief a difficult event or situation consider booking a one day or half a day professional development program tailored to your needs. 
To start this process please email Milah at milahrsmith@gmail.com

Passion Led Us Here

Yoga Classes/One on One Teachings 

Yoga stems from a centuries old tradition of teachings brought to us by brilliant teachers from India.  Yoga is not only centred around movement but is about our relationship with our environment, ourselves, and deep integration and healing through the practice of the principals of yoga.   


This practice can be a great way to nourish your body and connect with your needs, it can be invigorating and energizing, or calming and deeply reflective.  At the collective space we offer small, intimate classes where deep connection and learning is possible.  If you would like to learn about yoga, yourself, begin or deepen your current practice, we can create a program that feels inspiring for you.  For more information email Milah at milahrsmith@gmail.com